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16 canine breeds that look much like German Shepherds

The German shepherd canine is without doubt one of the worlds most recognisable canine, however typically we don’t need that. We needs one thing a bit completely different, however with the same vibe.

That is what we’re going to talk about! German Shepherds have been bred to be a herding canine, however now they’re one of many worlds favorite relations, and really rating 4th on America’s hottest breeds.

Once you consider giant, lovable canine, German Shepherds are probably the primary breed that involves thoughts. Nevertheless, there are different breeds on the market that share lots of the identical traits as these beloved canine. On this article we’ll talk about 16 canine breeds that look much like German Shepherds and provide you with some details about what makes each distinctive from all of the others!

Why German Shepherds Are Superior;

The German shepherd was “based” by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who actually started aligning the standardisation of the breed.The German Shepherd is a very smart, obedient and constant breed. They’re one of the vital versatile canine by way of “working” canine.

They’re typically present in roles reminiscent of;

  • police canine
  • navy canine
  • search and rescue canine
  • information canine
  • service canine (they even make the fab 5!)

All of that is achievable for the german shepherd due to their potential to be taught rapidly, an outstanding nostril and their willingness to please people. Many individuals get pleasure from having German Shepherds as pets as a result of they’re playful, energetic and love the outside!

Sure, you do sometimes have to make sure that your german shepherd comes from good inventory and an important breeder who focuses on well being and temperament as a result of german shepherds are identified to be fairly nervy, anxious canine once they’ve been poorly bred (and a kennel membership certificates doesn’t make them a nicely bred canine!).

They arrive with quite a lot of coat colors and lengths (quick coats and longer coat to), in addition to an enormous vary of colors.

Dog breeds that look similar to the german shepherd 2
This beautiful, curly creature is the belgian Laekenois! They’re a unusual, beautiful canine, that’s such a flexible canine breed and make great canine as long as we meet their wants.

Dangers With A German Shepherd

Well being dangers can embody:


  • hip dysplasia,
  • elbow dysplasia,
  • coronary heart issues,
  • Thyroid points.
  • Gastro points

(OFA instructed checks for a german shepherd)

GSD’s may also be liable to bloat. Then, relating to temperament they are often liable to;

  • Fence preventing
  • Reactivity/Aggression
  • Seperation nervousness
  • Ads

German Shepherds will not be the one giant and lovable canine on the market!

You could be shocked to listen to that German Shepherds will not be the one giant and lovable canine on the market! Actually, there are lots of different breeds that look much like German Shepherds. Beneath is an inventory of a few of these large canine, not all of them are recognised by the American kennel membership, however these related breeds all have their very own “breed membership” at very minimal, that means they’re already being curated. I’ve grouped them into some subcategories that I feel are pure divisions of those great canine. So right here, let’s begin with the 4 belgian shepherd canine.

The 4 Begian Shepherds

Belgian Shepdogs, or, belgian shepherds are a extra uncommon breed of canine and are similar to German Shepherds, a lot so that the majority regular individuals will name . They’re medium-sized canine who might be skilled to be service canine, police canine and search and rescue canine. They’ve a median lifespan of 10-12 years.

There are 4 sub classes of the belgian sheepdog, so it looks like a great place to start out!

1 – Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized, muscular canine with a brief, easy coat. It has a sq. construct and a broad head with a slight cease. The muzzle is powerful and straight with a black nostril.

The ears are giant and low-set on both facet of the cranium. They are often drooped or carried erect when alerting or listening to noises round them. The eyes are oval formed with an almond form at their outer corners giving them an alert expression when trying ahead but in addition giving them an harmless look when gazing sideways at you which of them makes this breed very lovable!

2 – Belgian Tervurens

Belgian Tervurens are a big canine breed identified for his or her loyalty and intelligence. They have been initially bred to herd cattle, which explains their instinctive potential to protect and shield. Belgian Tervurens have a life expectancy of 10-12 years and may weigh anyplace from 45-75 kilos as adults. These canine are liable to hip dysplasia, so it’s vital that you simply maintain them lively with common walks or hikes so as not solely maintain them wholesome but in addition stop boredom that would result in damaging habits like chewing on furnishings or sneakers!

3 – Belgian Laekenois

The curly coated, tan, black and typically a bit gray, these great canine are an lively canine, they’re a working canine, they usually’re

4 – Groenendael

The Groenendael is a Belgian breed of canine, initially bred as a flexible sheepdog. It has a thick coat that may be black, grey or fawn in colour.

Groenendaels are simple to coach and make wonderful watchdogs because of their protecting instincts. This breed wants loads of train once they’re younger however calms down as soon as they attain maturity and change into extra docile round strangers.

Dog breeds that look similar to the german shepherd 1
This can be a bohemian shepherd! They’re a basis inventory breed!

Different Recognised Breeds

5 – Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd is a breed of canine that originated in Bohemia, which turned the Czech Republic. This shepherd was created by crossing German Shepherds with native working canine, after which breeding them again to German Shepherds to repair their traits.

The Bohemian Shepherd stands at round 23 inches tall and weighs between 55-85 kilos, making it smaller in measurement to the GSD. The coat colour varies from brown or black with white markings on its chest or legs (or each). Some canine have darker shades of those colours whereas others have lighter ones; nevertheless, all of them have mild tan eyes with darkish rims round them!

This canine makes a wonderful pet as a result of it loves individuals a lot however doesn’t like different animals–so if you’d like one thing that gained’t assault your cat however will nonetheless play ball along with her exterior when she needs some train too then this can be simply best for you! It’s additionally nice at guarding property as a result of though its measurement isn’t intimidating sufficient alone; when mixed with its intelligence stage which permits it acknowledge risks beforehand earlier than appearing upon instinctual reactions based mostly off earlier experiences gained all through its life to this point…

6 – Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is a medium-sized canine that has been bred to look and act like a German Shepherd. Like their German counterparts, they’re sturdy, highly effective and clever canine who’re loyal to their house owners. In addition they have the identical quantity of vitality–they’re not as protecting as German Shepherds however make up for it in playfulness!

Dutch Shepherds aren’t fairly nearly as good at herding sheep; nevertheless, this may be offset by their potential to adapt rapidly when given new duties or environments. Total, Dutch Shepherds make nice household pets because of their friendliness in the direction of kids and different animals (if skilled correctly).

7 – Carpathian Shepherd

Carpathian Shepherd is a big, highly effective and muscular canine breed. They’re identified for his or her bravery, braveness and loyalty. Their double coat consists of a thick undercoat with lengthy guard hairs. The Carpathian Shepherd might be skilled to be a wonderful guard canine or livestock guardian as a result of they’re extraordinarily protecting of their households and property.

8 – Chinook Canine

The Chinook Canine is a robust and highly effective canine. They’re loyal, protecting and good with kids. They’ve a excessive vitality stage and thrive once they’re challenged by their house owners and the atmosphere round them.

This breed makes for a wonderful guard canine due to their protecting instincts; they might not be aggressive in the direction of strangers however will rise up for you if threatened in any method!

Dog breeds that look similar to the german shepherd 5
The Leonberger is considered one of my faves, it’s a type of canine on my listing of “I need considered one of these”, as a result of they’re beautiful canine, majestic, mild giants which are conscious of their measurement and surprisingly agile.

9 – Leonberger

These are type of like fluffy german shepherds taken a bit additional, however with floppy ears. The Leonberger is a big breed of canine that was initially bred to tug carts in Germany. They have been named due to their lion-like look.

They’ve an important household intuition. They are often very protecting of their household and will change into aggressive in the direction of strangers. They’re affectionate with their house owners and might be very playful when given the prospect to run round or play with different canine. They don’t essentially have the longest lifespan, sadly,

10 – Beauceron

These canine are magnificent, and actually fascinating. They’re considered one of few canine the place they’re intentionally bred with a double dew claw to assist of their agility and swift turnings.

They’re additionally extraordinarily loyal, clever and protecting. They’re identified for his or her calm demeanor and delicate nature. A Beauceron is a really calm canine, however might be fairly protecting of their proprietor and household.

German Shepherd Offshoots

11 – King Shepherd

A King Shepherd is a really giant model of a german shepherd, they’ve often had some kind of cross breeding someplace alongside the road with Nice Pyreneese, Alaskan Malamutes or typically Akitas. These giant canine have thick coats and are identified for his or her sturdy herding instincts. They’re often fairly indistinguishable from a traditional German Shepherd.


Dog breeds that look similar to the german shepherd 4
The Groenendael is a surprising canine, their midnight black coat, athletic construct, and roman nostril? Divine trying.

12 – Berger Blanc Suisse

These are their very own recognised breed, however I’ve positioned them right here as a result of they’ve been selectively bred for his or her white coloring. The white shepherd just isn’t truly a recognised colour per the german shepherd breed customary in the us. Which type of leant itself to the offshoot breed of the Berger Clean Suisse, or Swiss shepherd (although the white german shepherd nonetheless exists, they’re simply not an accepted color variation.The Berger Blanc Suisse is a canine breed that originated in Switzerland. They’re much like German Shepherds as a result of they’ve lengthy, straight coats and a muscular construct. They have been initially bred as livestock guardians, however they may also be skilled to be service canine or guard canine.

The Berger Blanc Suisse is a medium-sized breed with males weighing anyplace between 55 and 65 kilos (25-30 kg) whereas females weigh 45-55 kilos (20-25 kg). Their coat is often white with tan markings on their face and legs. The breed has a median lifespan of 10-14 years if correctly cared for; nevertheless, some people might reside longer than that in the event that they don’t have any well being issues throughout their lifetime!

German Shepherd Cross breeds

13 – American Alsatian

The American Alsatian is a big, calm canine with a pleasant disposition. These canine are good with kids, however they don’t wish to be teased or performed with too roughly by kids (like most canine!). The American Alsatian will maintain watch over your own home and warn you if there may be any suspicious exercise occurring exterior of it.

American Alsatians make nice guard canine as a result of they’re very vigilant, however they may also be skilled to change into remedy canine or search-and-rescue canine if that’s what you need them to do!

14 – Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh Shepherd is a big breed of canine, with males weighing 70–100 kilos and females weighing 55–75 kilos. The Shiloh Shepherd is a really clever breed, but in addition very impartial. They require an proprietor who can present them with loads of psychological stimulation and train in an effort to maintain them from becoming bored or annoyed. In case you’re in search of a canine that wants plenty of consideration and affection from their house owners, this might not be the only option for you!

The Shiloh is often equally colored and lengthy furred just like the german shepherd. They’re sometimes a bit bigger as they’ve been cross bred with an Alaskan malamute.

15 – Czech Wolfdog (Czechoslovak Vlcak)

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are much like German Shepherds in look. They’re giant and muscular, with thick coats of fur that are available any colour mixture of black, grey, white and tan. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is also called the Czechoslovak Vlcak and was a bred navy canine.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a comparatively new breed; it was developed from German Shepherd Canines crossed with Carpathian Wolves between 1965 and 1990, and have been used as patrol canine however now thrive as a really utilitarian canine, thriving in each from herding to schutzhund.

They very a lot resemble their sable german shepherd ancestor, and are classed as Basis Inventory by the AKC.

Dog breeds that look similar to the german shepherd 3
Canine breeds that look much like the german shepherd 3

16 – Northern Inuit Canine

These good-looking “wolf-like” canine are literally bred with some german shepherd in them within the uk, I see it primarily of their ears. However it’s not simply what’s seen, as a result of by way of their intelligence, they’re proper up there too. Usually glad canine, the Northern Inuit is an exceptional canine, although typically they could be a little aloof and spirited due to their alaskan malamute & husky sides.

They’re presently not recognised by the AKC, however the Northerin Inuit Society of America say’s “it’s their mission to change into recognised”. Curiously, the Recreation of Thrones Dire wolves have been all performed by Northern Inuit canine.

17 – Jap European Shepherd (Byelorussian Shepherd)

The jap European shepherd was cross bred within the Nineteen Thirties with the husky by Russia. This was completed to assist regulate the german shepherd to the extra excessive chilly atmosphere the jap European shepherd was bred. They aren’t recognised by the AKC, or UKC, and even the KC or FCI, however they’re positively extra recognised by the Nordic Kennel Union.

A number of options

Relying on what you’re in search of, there’s virtually definitely a canine who’s an answer to your downside.

But when none of those actually go well with what you’re in search of, bear in mind the german shepherd has a surprisingly giant vary of coat colours! While we see the black and tan saddleback most typical, there are literally plenty of variations.


If you would like a canine that appears likeone of the most well-liked canine breeds, simply keep in mind that all of those canine are large, sturdy and extremely succesful canine, and can probably want greater than a day by day stroll to maintain them match, glad and wholesome, they require correct coaching, early socialization (this doesn’t imply introducing them to each canine they meet!). Bear in mind psychological exercise, and that these are all massively trainable canine. Simply bear in mind to satisfy your canine the place they’re at, deal with their character traits and their particular wants.

In case you need assistance coaching your German shepherd (or different!) is one thing you need assistance with, then completely get in contact!

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