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This DIY computer stand will abet protect your computer frigid

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A computer stand is a pleasing design to protect up your computer elevated off the underside of your desk, which is factual on your eyes and the long-term well being of your computer. Certain, it’s probably you may perchance perchance moreover aquire one, nonetheless establishing your maintain allows you to customise it to your coronary heart’s screech materials. And by the utilization of wooden—as I did right here—you’ll show with a stand that has a a great deal of, home made survey.

If the assumption to be visitors, household, and coworkers admiring your customized computer stand isn’t sufficient to just accept you choosing out wooden, let’s circle aid to these benefits. By elevating your computer, you elevate the display, which is interesting to abet sever aid come throughout and neck rigidity whereas you’re working. Ideally, the pinnacle of your current needs to be at or factual beneath come throughout stage, so that you simply simply’re having a search down only a minute whereas the utilization of it, in accordance to the US Occupational Safety and Well being Administration. Grand higher than craning your neck up or your complete type right down to survey what you’re doing.  

A factual computer stand will moreover abet your computer protect frigid. The central processing unit (CPU), reminiscence, and WiFi card are on the whole the three good heat producers in a computer, says Gregor Angus Berkowitz, a computer engineer and managing companion at GBA, a technical administration consultancy in California. This heat comes from {the electrical} resistance in these items as they train vitality to assemble their processing capabilities.  

“It’s roughly a runaway misfortune the place as they settle for hotter they modify into additional inefficient and train additional vitality and battery,” Berkowitz says. “Within the occasion it’s probably you may perchance protect your CPU and reminiscence cooler, it makes train of a lot much less vitality.”

Although it’s troublesome to injure your computer in the intervening time by letting it overheat, your computer’s within temperature dimension devices will throttle the CPU and in some way shut down the instrument before one factor catastrophic occurs, Berkowitz explains. Nonetheless, a scorching computer will invent your existence extra sturdy.

The computer stand I designed has a rail-mounted plot, and incorporates holes in its side panels to invent particular air can dawdle beneath the computer from any path to dissipate heat. It’s moreover uncomplicated to invent from scrap wooden, and it’s probably you may perchance alter the produce to match any wooden it’s probably you may perchance perchance maintain out there. I didn’t the reality is produce one factor up entrance—I factual stared on the boards I desired to train until the closing imaginative and prescient obtained right here to me. I’ll place you that misery even if, and it’s probably you may perchance factual copy mine.

Warning: DIY initiatives may perchance even be horrible, even for probably the most expert makers. Before persevering with with this or another mission on our net web page, invent apparent it’s probably you may perchance perchance maintain all very important security devices and know find out how to train it efficiently. At minimal, that can also embody security glasses, a face display, and/or ear safety. Within the occasion you’re the utilization of vitality devices, you possibly can know find out how to train them safely and precisely. Within the occasion you enact now not, or are in another case heart-broken with one factor described right here, don’t attempt this mission.

Tips on find out how to make a wooden computer stand

To acknowledge this DIY computer stand come collectively, word this video. Jean Levasseur / NineRings WoodCraft


  • Time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Material impress: $5 to $20
  • Notify: average


  • 1 (2- to 3-foot-long) piece of 1-by-6 board
  • 5 (1- to 2-inch big) boards 12 to 13 inches lengthy
  • Wooden glue



1. Resolve the scale and perspective on your computer stand. These measurements needs to be in accordance to a pair of points. The primary is the scale of the underside of your computer. The stand needs to be an inch or two narrower than your computer, left to true, and an inch or so bigger than it, entrance to aid. You’ll moreover should take instruct of whether or not or now not it might probably perchance be devoted to 1 computer, or if a number of people can also train it. I made mine 13 inches deep as a substitute of the 11.5 it the reality is desired to be, for example, so the member of the household who requested it can also protect the utilization of it throughout the occasion that they obtained a bigger computer throughout the lengthy inch.

The 2nd consideration is the peak of the stand. Per the premise that the pinnacle of the display needs to be at or factual beneath come throughout stage should you’re sitting at your desk, calculate the peak desired to boost your computer that massive. I designed my stand to be about 5 inches huge throughout the aid, which raises the pinnacle of the video present about 15 inches above the desk high.

  • Professional tip: Even though you occur to don’t inform my produce, Berkowitz cautions that DIY computer stands needs to be quite skeletal, leaving as worthy of the computer uncovered as probably. Inserting the computer on a acquire sheet of plywood, for example, may perchance perchance probably be including insulation beneath, stopping environment friendly heat dissipation.

2. Mill your boards to their closing dimensions. That could be a mission the place successfully-milled boards are very important, as a result of there are some regular sizes and joinery enthusiastic. I wrote a guide on find out how to mill wooden at residence should you occur to want additional very important parts, nonetheless the steps are beautiful uncomplicated. First, train a jointer to flatten one face and edge of each board so they’re at a brilliant true perspective to 1 another. Subsequent, dart the wooden through the planer to its closing thickness, on this case spherical half an inch. Then sever them to their closing width on your desk noticed. Within the occasion you don’t maintain a jointer, it’s probably you may perchance flatten the faces of the boards with a hand airplane, or a jointer sled in your planer, and sq. the edge on your desk noticed with the abet of a stage

Within the occasion you’re achieved milling, you possibly can maintain seven boards, all about half an inch thick. Alter these dimensions as desired to swimsuit your computer: 

  • 2 (12-by-5-inch) boards for the 2 side panels
  • 4 (12-by-1-inch) gadgets for the pinnacle and rear braces and the legs
  • 1 (12-by-½-inch) piece for the entrance brace (the computer end)

3. Prick the angle for the pinnacle of the stand. I didn’t exactly measure my perspective, nonetheless I decided to settle between 15 and 20 levels after having a search at some photographs and performing some testing with my computer. To go looking out the true slope, I construct my computer down on the desk, then raised the aid up with some scrap boards until I spotted a ecstatic typing perspective. I measured that with my perspective gauge and transferred that slope to the side panels.

To sever the angle with out hazard, and to invent particular each have been exactly the an an identical, I stale a tapering jig. It is probably you may perchance perchance probably aquire a love one, nonetheless it’s uncomplicated sufficient to make your maintain uncomplicated jig with some leftover plywood. 

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Mark the street of your perspective on the side panels, then process that line alongside the edge of the tapering jig. Flee each boards through your desk noticed one by one, and also you’ll show with fully matched angles for the computer to take a seat down on.  

4. Perception to sever rabbets into the side panels to protect up the legs, braces, and computer end. Rabbets are slots sever into the edges of boards to protect up wooden collectively additional securely than butting them collectively. As a result of one board is inset into another, this roughly joint has each mechanical energy and elevated floor net web page for glue to remain to.

Absolutely the high design to sever rabbets constantly is with a desk noticed and a crosscut sled. Measure and designate the positions and depths of each rabbet fastidiously. I train my wheel marking gauge for this as a result of it’s probably the most true and constant, nonetheless it’s probably you may perchance train a attention-grabbing pencil as efficiently.

Both side panel have to carry 5 rabbets, and it can also abet should you occur to deem the boards standing on edge, as they’re going to throughout the closing mission:

  • 2 on the underside edge to protect up the leg gadgets
  • 1 on the entrance of the pinnacle edge (the bottom piece of the angle) to protect up the computer end
  • 1 slack the pinnacle edge to protect up the pinnacle brace
  • 1 throughout the heart of the aid edge to protect up the rear brace
A DIY wood pc stand on a wood desk in a dining room, with a pc on it. The rabbet joints within the aspect panels are visible.
Right here it’s probably you may perchance admire the rabbets: one on the aid edge, two on the pinnacle edge, and two on the underside edge. As talked about beneath, those for the legs and computer end may perchance be shallower. Jean Leavasseur for Commonplace Science

Whereas the rabbets for the pinnacle and rear braces needs to be as deep as these gadgets are thick—in order that they match within the distinctive form of each side panel—the rabbets for the computer end and legs needs to be about half the width of these gadgets. This kind they’ll sit 1 / 4 inch or so bigger than the edge of the side panels. Check the photograph above should you occur to want a visual guide.

  • Converse: It is probably you may perchance perchance probably additionally should check a pair of board thicknesses for the computer end—it’s going to rise above the side panel sufficient that the entrance of the computer catches on it, which is interesting to fluctuate in accordance to the mannequin it’s probably you may perchance perchance maintain. 

5. Prick the rabbets. To invent particular the cuts remained constant throughout each side boards, I taped the 2 alongside with painter’s tape, holding the edges fully flush, and sever them on the an an identical time. Use a flat grind blade on your desk noticed should you occur to can maintain one, and train a number of passes to sever out each rabbet.

6. Drill air flow holes throughout the side boards. When most laptops settle for too scorching, within followers kick on to trip the air and dawdle the heat away from comfortable electrical elements and out the aid or backside of the computer. Some laptops maintain passive cooling devices adore heat pipes—little pipes filled with water or another coolant beneath a restricted vacuum—that elevate vitality to a fan or radiator slack the computer. With out reference to the case, in case your stand merely traps that heat beneath the instrument, you’re now not doing it any favors.

In image to protect up the air flowing beneath my computer stand, I added openings throughout the side panels. Absolutely the high design to enact this is to drill some holes with a 1.5- to 2-inch Forstner bit, or route out some slots. I decided to just accept love with mine, nonetheless, and drilled a sequence of holes, lowering in dimension from 2 inches your complete type right down to half an inch. These roughly inform the angle of the taper, rising a frigid settle for that didn’t take a ton of time… OK, that’s a lie—it took over an hour, between planning exactly which bits I desired to train, how a long way apart to residence the holes, after which drilling. Not to say the elevated sanding time. Nonetheless I earn the tip end result was once value it.

7. Spherical over the whole uncovered corners. This step takes some planning. You’ll should spherical over the whole outside edges of the whole gadgets, nonetheless now not the edges that may perchance be within a rabbet. In any other case you’ll settle for an ungainly hole throughout the corners of the rabbets.

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Mark the edges you possibly can spherical over, as efficiently as a result of those you don’t, and take a search at now not to talk your self into including additional roundovers throughout the heat of the second when the router is in your hand. I did a pair of too many, and whereas the stand is structurally attractive, the minute gaps factual mock me at any time after I survey at them.

Use a router and no topic dimension roundover bit it’s probably you may perchance perchance maintain that is sensible with the vivid you’re going for. A router desk is even higher for this, should you occur to can maintain settle for entry to to 1.  

8. Sand. Sanding little initiatives adore this will get tough after they’re assembled, severely the within of parts. That’s why it’s a factual apply to sand your entire gadgets before meeting, even if you’ll need to enact fairly additional sanding later to natty up the seams. I’m fortunate sufficient to carry settle for entry to to a drum sander at my native makerspace, so I stale 120-grit sandpaper in that and carried out this step very lickety-split, and never utilizing a hand cramping. These of you with out settle for entry to to a drum sander, earn that orbital sander and settle for cracking.

9. Computer stand, assemble! I spent hundreds longer than I’ll care to admit by the one design to clamp this mission collectively so it will stay sq.. My misfortune was once that it will twist right into a parallelogram as a substitute of a real rectangle when having a search from the pinnacle down, shedding probably the greatest 90-level corners. This in stage of fact wouldn’t have been the tip of the sector, nonetheless I earn adore I’m higher than that at this stage.

Controversial, nonetheless I desired to enact it true. 

Within the raze, I decided to assemble the stand in two ranges. The primary stage was once to just accept the three improve boards glued into scenario, after which I would be part of the legs as quickly as these have been dry. I glued and clamped the rear brace first, the utilization of the computer end as a reference to protect up the entrance from folding in. Then I glued the pinnacle brace and computer end into scenario, and adjusted all of the items so the diagonals from nook to nook of the stand have been the whole an an identical dimension—that’s the one design to seize {that a} field is unquestionably sq..

As quickly because the helps have been dry, I glued and clamped the legs in scenario.

I’m apparent there’s a jig it’s probably you may perchance make to invent this clamping course of easier should you occur to’re making a great deal of computer stands, nonetheless when the glue dried, I was solely a sixteenth-inch off nook to nook, which is efficiently within tolerances for this mission.  

10. Spruce up any glue squeeze-out or residue. With out reference to how diligent it’s probably you may perchance perchance moreover very efficiently be with cleansing up glue whereas it’s moist, there’ll doubtlessly be some stains left over. Spruce these up in no topic plot works just for you. Sandpaper is probably the most accessible, nonetheless a chisel may perchance even be helpful to just accept into these robust-to-reach nooks and crannies. I’m moreover keen on the utilization of a card scraper, even if that takes fairly a great deal of apply to study to train efficiently—I’m easy now not super with one.

11. Observe your favorite perform. Notice the producer’s directions on the bottle. I am keen on spray-on polyurethane or shellac for a mission adore this, as a result of it’s lickety-split, uncomplicated, and the spray can settle for into these robust-to-reach areas higher than brushes on the whole can. Within the occasion you train a twig-on perform, be careful now not to linger in a single scenario—it might probably perchance assist you to guide particular of getting runs or drips that or now not it would perchance most certainly be very important to sand off. For a splendidly relaxed perform, rub the closing coat down with a bit little bit of brown paper earn.  

As quickly because the perform is shined as quite a bit as your liking, you’re achieved. Plop it down on your desk, elevate that computer, and be conscious of the a long way quieter hum of a computer fan that isn’t constantly on the verge of overheating. Your ears will thanks, your endurance will thanks as you steer particular of annoying computer slowdowns, and your newly ecstatic computer elements will thanks too.

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