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Truth checking Trump’s ‘Meet the Press’ interview

Passe President Donald Trump made a spate of false and misleading suggestions about immigration, international protection, abortion and further in a vast-ranging interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker that aired Sunday morning.

“I acquire all the data,” he acknowledged at one level, falsely claiming that the 2020 election grew to become rigged and that there grew to become tall proof of it.

Watch the paunchy interview and browse the transcript proper right here.

NBC Info has additionally prolonged an invite to President Joe Biden to sit down down down down with Welker for an interview.

Trump’s presidency grew to become marked by repeated false, exaggerated and misleading claims. A few of those claims drove protection, whereas one different induced an impeachment. Trump’s false gape that the election grew to become stolen helped land him and dozen of us of others in glorious nervousness in Georgia. One senior aide — throughout a “Meet the Press” interview — even coined the phrase “completely different data” in his protection.

Let’s consider what Trump acknowledged on “Meet the Press.”

Are immigrants ‘flooding’ the U.S.?

Trump claimed there had been “hundreds and hundreds of unlawful immigrants coming into our nation, flooding our cities, flooding the nation-recount. I maintain the quantity goes to be 15 million of us by the purpose you finish this, by the tip of this yr. I maintain the true amount goes to be 15 million of us.”

Border crossings are up vastly throughout the closing two years. In fiscal yr 2023 so far, U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended or grew to become away higher than 2.5 million of us. In fiscal yr 2022, border crossings topped 2.7 million, breaking the outdated file by higher than 1,000,000. On chronicle of some migrants abolish a couple of border crossings, the numbers are a puny greater than the good total of immigrants on the southern border.

Mild, there’s no proof that 15 million of us will contaminated the border this yr. That’s higher than the general sequence of of us, 11.4 million, who the U.S. authorities estimates are proper right here with out glorious authorization.

Are a file sequence of terrorists crossing the border?

Speaking about immigration, Trump additionally acknowledged there grew to become a surge in terrorists crossing the border — seeming to seek the advice of the southern border.

“I seen some statistics, and it acknowledged in 2019, there had been no terrorists. They caught no terrorists,” he acknowledged. “And now this yr, it’s a file amount admire they’ve by no methodology seen earlier than.”

Trump is appropriate that Border Patrol is having additional encounters with of us on the terrorist watchlist on the southern border, however there had been additional such encounters in 2019, when he grew to become president.

The sequence of all of us, alongside with U.S. voters, on the terrorist watchlist who had been stopped on the southern border as of July of this fiscal yr grew to become 216, in comparison with 165 in all of fiscal yr 2022.

However the sequence of border crossers on the watchlist grew to become greater in fiscal yr 2019 — in the course of the Trump administration — at 280.

Did the U.S. give $85 billion value of instruments to the Taliban?

“We gave $85 billion value of instruments to the Taliban,” Trump acknowledged, speaking referring to the Afghanistan withdrawal.

That is false. The Safety Division estimated closing yr that the Afghan authorities had higher than $7.1 billion of U.S.-funded protection drive instruments in its possession when it fell to the Taliban in August 2021 amid the withdrawal.

Trump’s determine additional carefully mirrors the general prices of teaching, equipping and supporting Afghanistan’s security forces over the closing two a very long time: $83 billion, per a chronicle from the Explicit Inspector Basic for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Did these who by no methodology entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 salvage lengthy sentences?

“These of us on Jan. 6,” Trump acknowledged, “a few of them by no methodology even went into the constructing, they usually’re being given sentences of a very long time.”

That misses well-known context. A few of the defendants who bought a few of the longest sentences of any members throughout the Jan. 6, 2021, on the U.S. Capitol — alongside with Proud Boys chief Enrique Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes — did no longer enter the Capitol themselves however bought prolonged sentences after that they had been convicted of seditious conspiracy.

A few of primarily probably the most vicious assaults of the Capitol assault had been devoted by these who by no methodology stepped foot throughout the constructing, and a few of them bought well-known sentences, too.

Was the 2020 election ‘rigged,’ ‘so rigged’ and ‘crooked’?

There could possibly be broad proof that the 2020 election grew to become not marred by fraud, however Trump nonetheless acknowledged higher than a dozen occasions that it grew to become “rigged.”

“If this had been ever earlier than a courtroom docket, we’d safe genuinely simple. There could possibly be so exceptional proof that the election grew to become rigged,” he acknowledged at one level.

Trump and his supporters launched higher than 50 lawsuits to overturn the implications of the election; none succeeded.

Trump acknowledged there grew to become proof of fraud in “2000 Mules” and tapes of “pollstuffing,” referring by title to the broadly debunked movie by conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, which confirmed of us depositing a couple of ballots into topple containers in Atlanta’s suburbs. In line with The Linked Press, a Georgia Train Election Board investigation apparent that that they had been following the regulation and submitting ballots for themselves and household members who lived with them.

Is bacon 5 occasions costlier than it worn to be?

“Issues are not going appropriate now fully for the actual individual. 1st Baron Beaverbrook is up 5 occasions. Meals is up horribly — worse than power,” Trump acknowledged.

Inflation has fully raised the cost of many explicit individual items, alongside with meals.

However Trump is exaggerating the label of salt-cured pork: In U.S. cities on reasonable, the cost of sliced bacon is up by about 12% from the tip of his time period instead of job, although at one level in 2022, it grew to become 30% costlier than it grew to become on the tip of 2020.

Trump is appropriate, nonetheless, to level to that meals inflation is exceptional outpacing power prices, which fell from August 2022 to August 2023, whereas meals costs rose 4.3%.

Did Trump’s tax cuts usher in additional earnings?

Trump acknowledged he would admire to additional decrease firm tax expenses however acknowledged he needed additional earnings first.

“Or not it is well-known to salvage some earnings coming in. , after I lowered taxes, we took in additional earnings,” Trump acknowledged. “After I lowered taxes, I decrease taxes enormously, created neat jobs, however additional importantly, we had additional earnings with decrease taxes than we did with greater taxes.”

Tax receipts usually develop yr over yr when the monetary system is rising — they usually did after Trump’s tax cuts, too — however unprejudiced analysis belie Trump’s protest linking his tax cuts to greater earnings. The nonpartisan Congressional Price range Dwelling of job projected that the regulation would elevate the deficit by $1.4 trillion in its first decade, even factoring in its improve to monetary instruct. When debt supplier prices are included, the deficit determine grows to $1.9 trillion. And the numbers will proceed to develop if the momentary tax decrease in Trump’s tax regulation are prolonged.

Did Covid, not Trump, drive up the deficit?

“We had the most important monetary system in historical past, after which we bought hit with Covid. And we needed to help this, this sexy factor going,” Trump acknowledged. “We needed to assemble points that had been very extreme. We needed to let some money attain out.”

Trump went on to protest that deficit-reduction efforts — linked to American power — had been underway however blocked by Covid.

His argument that the nationwide debt rose largest on chronicle of Covid-19 pressures is faux. The nationwide debt rose yearly in the course of the Trump presidency — in 2017, 2018 and 2019 — earlier than the pandemic hit in 2020 and Congress poured trillions of dollars into discount measures. Even earlier than Covid-19 hit, the U.S. grew to become nowhere close to paying down its debt.

The develop in debt grew to become on account of a mixture of current duties, and it grew to become additional fueled by Trump’s deficit-raising insurance policies, alongside together with his tax regulation, which Republicans handed alongside birthday celebration traces in late 2017.

As properly, the Trump White Condominium budgets sought greater protection drive spending — which resulted in bipartisan presents in Congress that granted his need — and boosted home spending to fulfill Democrats. Trump by no methodology critically pursued a deficit-reduction deal over his 4 years.

Trump claimed Democrats need to raze infants. What’s he speaking about?

Requested about abortion, Trump claimed that Democrats improve infanticide.

“The unconventional of us on this are genuinely the Democrats that narrate after 5 months, six months, seven months, eight months, 9 months, and even after beginning, you is at menace of be allowed to discontinuance the new child,” he acknowledged. “You may acquire a Virginia governor, outdated governor, who acknowledged after the new child is born, likelihood is excessive you may properly abolish a chance, and whilst you choose to assemble, likelihood is excessive you may properly abolish that baby.”

Whereas some Democrats improve tall salvage entry to to abortion regardless of gestation age, infanticide is illegal, and no Democrats advocate for it. Neutral 1% of abortions are carried out after 21 weeks of gestation, per the Services for Sickness Administration and Prevention.

Trump first made the protest in 2019, after Virginia’s governor on the time, Ralph Northam, made controversial remarks in discussing an abortion invoice. NBC Info debunked the protest then, reporting that Northam’s remarks had been about resuscitating infants with extreme deformities or nonviable pregnancies.

Requested on a radio program what happens when a girl who goes into labor needs a third-trimester abortion, Northam well-liked that such procedures occur largest in circumstances of extreme deformities or nonviable pregnancies. He acknowledged that in these eventualities, “the toddler can be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the household desired, after which a dialogue would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Did Trump abolish 500 miles of border wall?

“I constructed 500 miles of border wall,” Trump acknowledged. “I constructed practically 500 miles of wall.”

Practically. A Customs and Border Safety spokesman acknowledged in Trump’s closing days instead of job that the administration had constructed 453 miles of authentic “border wall system,” which included boundaries as successfully as patrol roads for patrol automobiles and different surveillance efforts.

The in depth majority of it modified pedestrian and car boundaries erected throughout outdated administrations with exceptional taller metal bollard fencing. Trump particularly and falsely claimed he grew to become constructing a very authentic border wall throughout exceptional of his administration, when in precise reality he grew to become altering older fences.

Is the media ignoring the battle in Ukraine?

Trump claimed “the information isn’t any longer reporting referring to the battle.”

“They don’t chronicle referring to the battle anymore,” he endured. “You don’t salvage exceptional reporting. That methodology that Ukraine’s dropping. OK? I peek very puny reporting from NBC, your group. I peek very puny reporting from NBC, ABC, from CBS, from any individual referring to the battle.”

That is demonstrably false. Within the closing two weeks by myself, NBC Info has printed dozens of reports and declares on all platforms referring to the Ukraine battle, alongside with Richard Engel’s unusual interview with Secretary of Train Antony Blinken in Yahidne, Ukraine, which aired on “Nightly Info,” and a 60-minute NBC Info NOW documentary following the lives of 5 Ukrainian mothers.

CBS Info and ABC Info acquire had dozens of articles and movies on their internet sites, too.

Jane C. Timm

Jane C. Timm is a senior reporter for NBC Info.

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