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WWE SmackDown Outcomes: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from May merely 19

WWE SmackDown Outcomes: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from May merely 19
Erik BeastonMay merely 19, 2023

WWE SmackDown Outcomes: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from May merely 19

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    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa confronted Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Friday evening.

    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa confronted Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Friday night.Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Earlier than the Undisputed WWE Stamp Workforce Championship Match at Evening of Champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn got here nose to nose with Solo Sikoa and Undisputed WWE Neatly-liked Champion Roman Reigns throughout the marquee part of Friday’s SmackDown.

    In diversified areas on the mutter, The Usos sought to flip momentum abet of their favor as they battled the LWO’s Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar, Asuka returned to the squared circle, and LA Knight partnered with Rick Boogs for the very first time.

    What went down, how did it bag an have an effect on on the agency’s originate to the May merely 27 Jeddah extravaganza, and the map wherein did every part grade out?

    Uncover with this recap of the May merely 19 Fox broadcast.

Match Card

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    Introduced upfront for the May merely 19 episode had been:

  • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens nose to nose with Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa
  • Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar vs. The Usos
  • The Brawling Brutes vs. Comely Deadly
  • The debut episode of The Grayson Waller Finish
  • The Boulevard Earnings vs. LA Knight and Rick Boogs
  • Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa Face to Face

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa hit the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman, however had been hasty interrupted by Undisputed WWE Stamp Workforce Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who wasted cramped time doing each factor however acknowledging The Head of the Desk.

    Zayn continued to plant seeds of dissension inside The Bloodline by telling Reigns that he is now not as merely as The Usos, solely to be jumped alongside Owens by Jimmy and Jey. The heels laid out the tag staff champions.

    Reigns walked off, pissed off at his cousins for ruining his second. Following a spoil, throughout the on the abet of the curtain dwelling, The Tribal Chief berated The Usos for interrupting what he wanted to say to Zayn and dauntless to keep away from shedding the number of selections that he does.

    This whole factor was extra immense stuff for Reigns, who appears content material materials to rob out the frustration on his cousins, who’re rising extra visibly mad themselves with each passing tongue-lashing.

    Issues are about to boil over in The Bloodline, with Jimmy and Jey destined to face up for themselves in the direction of their megalomaniacal cousin. Whether or not or now not it comes at Evening of Champions or later stays to be thought of, nevertheless it’s far rising an growing variety of apparent that the self-proclaimed “Ones” are perchance extra guilty for the downfall of Reigns’ dominance than any challenger that has ever stepped as rather a lot as The Tribal Chief.



    Prime Moments

  • Reigns does the diminutive points so neatly. The annoyed glimpse on his face, when Zayn and Owens made their map into the world, mirrored correct how drained of going by the 2 of them he in actual fact is at this degree. So merely and so relatable.
  • “I solely bag one regret and that one regret is shedding my existence on you,” Reigns informed Zayn.
  • “I bag one regret, too, and that’s the rationalization now not blasting you with that chair sooner,” Zayn responded.
  • “You’re correct now not as merely as us. And for that matter, you’re now not as merely as The Usos, each,” Zayn taunted The Tribal Chief.
  • The Usos attacked Zayn and Owens, leaving them mendacity on the bottom outside of the ring. 

The Brawling Brutes vs. Comely Deadly

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Comely Deadly’s Elton Prince and Gear Wilson had been weekly highlights on NXT and now that they’re members of the SmackDown roster, will glimpse to attach with an goal market, basis with Friday night’s victory over The Brawling Brute’s Butch and Ridge Holland.

    The derive was now not with out trickery, together with a top quality faux-out by Prince, nevertheless it was a immense introduction to a tag staff that has confirmed a capability to abet up their very reasonable appropriate character work with high quality in-ring efficiency.

    There are now not many higher alternate choices to place them throughout the ring with than Butch and Holland, who bag flip into workhorses for WWE as fragment of The Brawling Brutes. Reserving them to feud with that faction, polar opposites of the taunting barely boys, was the merely name.


    Comely Deadly defeated The Brawling Brutes



    Prime Moments

  • Chef Elton and Chef Gear offered the elements that spin into Comely Deadly, concluding with themselves, clearly.
  • Sheamus joined Michael Cole and Wade Barrett on the commentary location.
  • Butch exploded into the match off a scorching tag and took out every Prince and Wilson en path to a pleasant shut to-descend.
  • Prince pretended to be tied up throughout the ropes, waited for the referee to be distracted by Butch, then joined Wilson in handing over Spilt Milk to acquire the chicanery-filled derive.

Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Asuka continued her route to Evening of Champions and her showdown with Bianca Belair with a derive over a apparent Zelina Vega, submitting her regardless of a gradual-match comeback.

    The Empress of The next day, probably taking a glimpse to ship a message to The EST before their battle in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, refused to launch the help except Belair made the connect. Asuka didn’t blind Belair for the 2nd week in a row however reminded her she could probably per probability probably spray her trademark mist at any time, correct barely missing.

    The match was a pleasant showcase for Vega and a reminder of how unhealthy Asuka is, with a switch area that’s curiously unending. Belair appeared extra extreme and on edge than at any degree in her title reign, inserting over how Asuka’s ideas video games bag affected her.

    Their match at Evening of Champions may also merely restful be one in all the extra attention-grabbing, extra grand-hitting and higher on the cardboard, if all goes merely.


    Asuka submitted Vega



    Prime Moments

  • Vega lower a prematch promo wherein she mentioned she was prepared for Asuka and wished to repeat she could probably per probability probably hold with the tip opponents throughout the girls’s division.
  • The babyface fought abet and delivered a Meteora for a shut two-depend. 
  • A assortment of pin try reversals gave contrivance to Asuka trapping Vega and forcing a submission .
  • Belair made the connect and correct barely dodged the blue mist, a shut to-miss for The Empress of The next day as she prepares to dethrone The EST in Jeddah.

The Grayson Waller Finish with AJ Varieties

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Grayson Waller made his in-ring debut Friday night, webhosting his Grayson Waller Finish give attention to mutter, however one can be laborious-pressed to acknowledge the Aussie. He was much less loud, much less conceited and extra subdued than the contaminated heel that rose to prominence proper by his days in NXT.

    As a substitute, he carried out an interview with AJ Varieties before Evening of Champions and the World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins, the heel persona solely rearing its head throughout the closing moments.

    A demanding staredown resulted, teasing a future program between the 2 and if that’s the case, it is utterly the merely name. Waller can once more from working with Varieties in options he by no means could probably per probability probably in an extended stint in developmental.

    Impact apart them throughout the ring, let him be taught alongside one in all the final word to ever make it and reap the rewards. It’s a simple system for fulfillment and it might probably per probability probably behoove WWE to comment it.



    Prime Moments

  • Waller was reasonably subdued, all points thought to be, as he offered the goal market and visitor, Varieties, to the mutter.
  • “It was the longest time I’ve ever been out of the ring,” Varieties mentioned of the hiatus he was compelled into when he broke his ankle closing December.
  • “I would like it greater than the air that I breathe,” Varieties mentioned of his favor to derive the World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Varieties generally known as out Rollins for being on a film area and puzzled whether or not he was staying prepared, as a result of he is.
  • Waller taunted The Additional particular One to close out the part, announcing he can not wait except Mike Rome proclaims Rollins as a result of the winner and new champion.

The Boulevard Earnings vs. LA Knight and Rick Boogs

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    LA Knight boldly claimed he could probably per probability probably derive tag staff gold with any particular person and he would beginning up proving it Friday night by teaming with any particular person, together with Rick Boogs, to defeat The Boulevard Earnings.

    It did not spin neatly.

    Ego and dissension proved Knight’s downfall as he discovered himself worn out on the bottom with Angelo Dawkins whereas Montez Ford delivered a frog splash for the derive.

    It stays a thriller as to what the endgame is with Knight however he has defied logic and remained over regardless of his reserving. One different week, another loss, nevertheless it at present seems to be like as despite the fact that the silver-tongued villain is really bulletproof at this degree.


    Boulevard Earnings defeated Knight and Boogs



    Prime Moments

  • “I believed to myself, ‘I’ll beat them with anybody,’ and that’s the rationalization precisely what I am gonna make,” Knight mentioned of his first response to the looks of The Boulevard Earnings on SmackDown. Enter, Rick Boogs.
  • “You understand administration should bag huge plans with that draft decide,” Barrett mentioned on commentary in a bit of a wink-and-nudge second regarding Ford.
  • Knight delivered the BFT to Boogs after the match.

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz vs. Isla Morning time and Alba Fyre; Very important Stamp Workforce Title Information

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    There was now not grand throughout the type of opponents for the debuting NXT Females’s Stamp Workforce Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Morning time Friday night on SmackDown as they battled Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon.

    The match, a squash, highlighted the hazard the champions mutter and served as what’s, hopefully, the beginning up of a a success bustle on the foremost roster.

    After the match, Michael Cole offered that because of the an undisclosed harm suffered by Liv Morgan on closing week’s mutter, she and Raquel Rodriguez shall be compelled to vacate the WWE Females’s Stamp Workforce Championship, with new titleholders being apparent in two weeks on Uncooked.

    The announcement is a indispensable disappointment for Morgan, who earned that title and a top quality bustle with it, however will hopefully bag the prospect to keep away from shedding a momentous return when she is cleared.

    Besides then, Rodriguez will should get hold of a companion to combat alongside her throughout the aforementioned title match in the direction of the teams of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, Chelsea Inexperienced and Sonya Deville, and Bayley and Dakota Kai.


    Morning time and Fyre defeated Feroz and Leon



    Prime Moments

  • Cole oddly did not identify Leon and Feroz, treating them cherish they’d been enhancement talents in favor to NXT opponents that followers may also merely be taught about on Tuesday nights. It was a uncommon misfire from probably the most attention-grabbing throughout the business.
  • Bayley and Kai interrupted Rodriguez on the abet of the curtain and challenged her to look out a companion for a match subsequent week.

Austin Opinion Promo

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    Credit score rating: WWE.com

    Austin Opinion has discovered the subsequent challenger to his United States Championship throughout the make of Sheamus, who interrupted a promo with a Brogue Kick, silencing the conceited heel.

    This felt cherish an in-ring promo that may probably per probability had been a on the abet of the curtain part, roughly cherish a piece meeting that may probably per probability had been an electronic mail. It was fairly a number of time for nothing of substance, despite the fact that the mic tumble from The Celtic Warrior was stress-free.

    The suits will probably be bangers however this was now not usually probably the most impressed beginning as much as a feud.



    Prime Moments

  • By chance or now not, Opinion shedding, “that’s now not a thought, or now not it is a reality,” may also result in a catchphrase.
  • Opinion insulted Sheamus, reminding the world it had been 12 years since he beat John Cena closing.
  • Sheamus actually shedding the mic after the Brogue Kick was stress-free stuff.

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar vs. The Usos

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    Credit score rating: WWE

    With their area on the desk disintegrating before their very eyes, The Usos gave the impression to stay a fraction of The Bloodline with a derive over the LWO’s Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar throughout the night’s foremost event.

    They weren’t a success, by no fault of their relish.

    Jimmy and Jey turned in a immense efficiency, working a fleet-paced, unlikely wrestling match with Escobar and Mysterio that had followers biting on shut to-falls the complete map by to the make.

    A make that observed Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens intervene, ensuing throughout the babyface victory.

    On the abet of the curtain, a disgusted Roman Reigns mentioned one factor to Solo Sikoa, probably teasing punishment of some form for the twins and advancing the account of dissension throughout the ranks. Indubitably, there is a legitimate search data from to be requested as to why The Usos are at all times there to make sure Reigns is victorious however The Tribal Chief can not current you with the cash for his cousins the identical luxurious.

    It’s going to additionally merely be raised throughout the upcoming weeks as tensions mount and The Bloodline turns into nearer to beefy on dysfunction.


    Mysterio and Escobar defeated The Usos



    Prime Moments

  • “Right here is the foremost time I’ve ever heard you admit that, and proper this is a quote, that Roman Reigns may also merely be ‘abusing a member of his household’,” Cole informed Barrett, who tried to spin into reverse.
  • Cole usually known as out Reigns for watching from the consolation of his locker room, regardless of Paul Heyman telling The Usos he was busy doing all the work he wanted to make for subsequent week.
  • Jey correct narrowly saved Jimmy proper by a shut to-descend, retaining the hopes of a victory alive.
  • Jimmy lower off a 619 with a superkick and Jey added the tip rope splash, however Mysterio kicked out at two in a immense shut to-descend.
  • Owens equipped the distraction, Zayn shoved Jey from the tip rope, and the babyfaces scored the derive.

Common Grade

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    There was a ton to cherish in regard to the Bloodline storyline and the mounting issues that exist between its members, and with that specific program bookending the published, it might probably per probability probably be clear-cut to coach a grade carefully influenced by that specific account.

    There was extra to this broadcast than that, despite the fact that.

    We observed AJ Varieties handled cherish a indispensable star as two probably new features had been offered throughout the make of Grayson Waller and Karrion Kross. Speaking of the loudmouthed Aussie, he was correct one in all a number of NXT stars to keep away from shedding their presence felt, joined by Comely Deadly, Cameron Grimes and ladies’s tag champs Alba Fyre and Isla Morning time.

    Throw in Sheamus rising as an opponent for Austin Opinion, giving us a spoil from the dumb paring of the US Champion and Bobby Lashley, and likewise that it is probably you will additionally merely bag a mutter that did extra to put the inspiration for what’s to come back.

    That has been a theme of WWE programming over the ultimate month, considerably for the reason that draft. That is now not a sinful factor, considerably when introducing new talents from NXT. There could also be an very reasonable appropriate line, despite the fact that, between persistence and tense the goal market to carry in there for too lengthy. Recognizing that line and guaranteeing now not to enterprise too far over this shall be key for Triple H and the ingenious staff.

    For now, despite the fact that, there’s tons of to cherish about what he is developing.

    Common Grade: B

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